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Wink Staying on as Administrator

My dear friend Lovesnuffles has talked me into staying on Boatips as the Administrator (one of). Since selling all my snakes and racks etc I was going to give up and fade away but she reminded me of all the knowledge I do have (??) and said I was still needed here. I can't argue with such a lovely lady so....... I will be here to help where I can. I do need my other Site Administrators and Moderators to let me know how active you all are. Membership is down and some folks seem to be loosing interest, so I may want some help. I am still not letting in spammers and commercial members (no ads) but porn has definitely dropped off! Used to get tons of it!!
Rev. Dr. Dennis H. Shipp, Breeder for over 20 years, herping for almost 54 years. Previously bred Boa Constrictors, Pythons, Bull Snakes, Kenyan Sand Boas, Piebald Black Pine snakes,Western Hognose.
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