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Default Snake rescue

Wow what a day. Today is Saturday and at around 10:50 I was at work when I received a frantic call from my wife telling me that she saw a snake in the back yard and she called the dogs into the house thinking that it may have been a venomous snake. Anyway, long story short, I came home, found no snake and the dogs were ok. I decided to do some work in the garden and when I moved a few timber pallets to build some garden boxes, I found a very scared Carpet Python hiding amongst them.

I realized that he was the one that freaked out my wife and dogs. I took a few photos then decided to pick him up and release him into the bushland behind our house where he came from, then I realized that he was hurt. My dog had bit him and he was bleeding from the nose.

If you look at the last picture closely you can see his injury. As soon as I saw it, I told my wife we need to get him to a vet. We both jumped into the car and raced him down the road to the nearest vet that specializes in reptiles, but unfortunately at 5:00pm in the afternoon they were closed along with every other vet in Brisbane. So first thing tomorrow morning I will be taking this little guy to the vet. I will keep you all updated.
2 Coastal Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota mcdowelli)
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