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Originally Posted by Chondro finatIc
Are you still having problems with pictures mate. So Raptor has given you the link to Photobucket, well try these steps.
Put Boatips forum in your "Bookmarks" (top of screen)
Go to Photobucket and select a pic and click on IMG code (will light up yellow for a moment)
Then click on to Boatips forum in your bookmarks, log in and reply to a topic.
Click on the Img box 2nd in at the top of your "post a reply" screen and the [Img] will appear.
Right click with your mouse and a box will come up.
Click on to the word "Paste" and a line of words will appear between two Img symbols.
Click on to "Submit" and your image should appear on the forum screen.

So, good luck with that and by the way, if you delete the image from Photobucket, it will also delete from the forum.
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