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My boa has a real strong feed instinct. After I feed him I don't dare reach back into his enclosure because he is still in feed mode. When feeding your snake you want to feed a properly sized mouse or rat. One that is the same or a little bigger then the widest point of the snake. Feeding several in a row can be stressful on the snake. Its best to try to feed just one.
The freeze/thawed mice or rats takes time to get a snake to eat, especially one that has been eating live or fresh killed. When I try to transition a snake over I use a pair of tongs to dangle the mouse or rat in front of the snake. Bouncing it up and down, it can take awhile of bouncing. You can also feed a live one then a freeze thawed one just to try to transition the snake over. As I stated above though, feeding several in a row can be stressful to the snake.
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