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Originally Posted by lovesnuffles
Lmao! Doug xD She's married!! xD
I wasn't asking to date her.... just wondering what she looks like.. :lol: you mention her often... I like to put a face to a name.. :wink: the way.. I've seen a lot of hot 40 something women...
...30's and 40's can be the sexiest years, in my opinion... if they take care of themselves.. a girl at work (the one from whom I got Saffron's tank) just turned 40 and she's smokin' hot... she's the one I said you look kinda like (I've seen her scrapbook pics when she was 20 something)... similar hair.. petite.. (she's from Louisiana, too... moved here after Katrina)...

... now.... let's see what mom's workin' with... 8)
:lol: :lol:
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