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Bahsoon is FAT! I thought she would not want to eat, having just moved in recently, so I tossed a lg hopper in there last night. She is used to live as that is what the breeder gives them until they are adults, but I am going to transition her to f/t. Anyway, I sit and watch and watch and watch. She just sits curled up watching the mouse, with her head resting on herself. After an hour, I figure she wants it dark so I turn off the light and still try to see. Nothing.

I go off to get a cup of tea and come back. I can't see a thing. I flip on her small heat lamp only to see her all sprawled out with just some hind legs and a tail hanging out of her mouth, she is motionless except for her eyes flip up at me and she has this look like I caught her doing something embarrassing. I quickly flip the light back off. By morning she is curled up in her hide flipping her tongue out the opening looking very happy. I'll leave her be for a couple days.

My dragon was sitting on my shoulder today while I was doing some work at the kitchen table. He decided that he wanted to hang on my ponytail and seemed to enjoy swinging by it when I would walk around because I kept putting him back on my shoulder and he would crawl back to my ponytail. Quite the character.
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