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Default New in town!

Hello out there! Okay, my user name is "snakeskinKF" but my friends just call me Devon. I just got into snakes. I was all set to buy a corn snake but then Denny and Liz from Hillside Herps introduced me to sand boas. I bought my dear Fran from them and she's the love of my life! ( Good thing Hubby doesn't read this board! ) I can't wait to have more of the little, splashy, fat worms in my life! I'm going to the Berks show this weekend. I'd like to come home with a boyfriend for her but we'll have to see how the $$$ thing goes being as I just got a new job and all. SIGH!

Anyway, because of Fran, I'm suddenly rabid about snakes! I can't get enough of them, all kinds of snakes. I'm watching Animal Planet like crazy, buying books, researching them on-line etc. I even have a list of gorgeous snakes I will NEVER own because they're kinda like----POISONOUS! But I still want their pic. on my wall. Yeah, I know. I got it bad. Where did all this come from???? My mother's NEVER going to set foot in my house again!

I will post a pic later tonite when Hubby brings home the fancy laptop. Our internet connection is kinda funny sometimes. It has a sense of humor only IT gets! So no, I cannot watch videos, do my-space, blogging or whatever. I have to go into town for that.

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell!

or the user otherwise known as "Devon"
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