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Well finally, here they are. The small one on the left is the venomous one. The one on the right is a coastal carpet (like my own) that I rescued from the neighbors yard.

Now, how I got into snakes, well when I was a kid I grew up with my dad who has heavy earth moving machinery. Occasionally he would clear some land and bring a snake home so that he could put it in the chook shed to eat the rats. Then a few years ago, a huge carpet ate my wifes pet bird. I wanted to keep the snake but she demanded that I should let it go. I later found out that it is against the law to keep a wild animal, so I went about the correct way and applied for a license and bought hatchlings from a licensed breeder.[/img]
2 Coastal Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota mcdowelli)
1 Blond Spotted Python (Antaresia Maculosa)
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