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i had a vet appointment for tomarrow for zander, but we had gotten enough snow last night to really slow traffic down, i took a gamble and called the vet clinic to see if there was any cancellations and there was so i got in at 10 this morning, i disgussed all my concerns with zander as well as the rest of my collection. they did find 1 mite on zander. right under his chin, they even let me look at it under the microscope, them some ugly bugs, i deffinatly don't want them around. i got sent home with 5 vials of ivermectin and i dilute 1ml ivermectin to 1liter water, i spray this on all the snakes including the beardie this is used for on the snakes as well as cage and furnishings i will need to repeat this ever 4 to 5 days for 4to5 treatments, so much easier than what i thought it would be. well my fingers are crossed that it's going to work, it should. all i have left to do is run to walmart i need to get kitten/puppy flea spray and i'm suppose to use that all around out side of the cage and surrounding areas, carpet- etc
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