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My boyfriend and I recently had a scare with this with his son. His son's mother is a ***** and even though my boyfriend is an excellent father, she's trying to take custody away from him anyway she can, even though she lets their three year old on the BACK of four-wheelers without any security or safety at NIGHT in the dark in the freezing cold ....

So we took pictures. We have pictures of each snake set up, with the locking lids shown clearly, as well as the door their locked up behind. Pictures are everything. If you can prove these snakes are out of reach to your kids, then you're golden. What can they do? You're being a safe and responsible pet owner. Not to mention, a dog would be soooo much more dangerous to them than those snakes are. This may require a bit of creativity on your part, but it can be done. If at all possible, you may even have to get a lock to the door they're hiding behind that only has ONE key and trade the key for the kids everytime they come over. It may seem like bad husbandry for the snakes, but it's not really. They'd be fine without any interaction whatsoever for up to two weeks. It'd just be like you went on vacation, but just be sure to leave them PLENTY of water.

I hate for people to lose their animals over stupid things like this. Like, when people get pregnant and have to give away their animals. Stupid. I'm pregnant and none of my animals are going. People say "Well you're not gonna have time to take care of them once the baby arrives." Oh really? And what if I ever want another baby? Am I gonna have to get rid of the first one because I won't have time to take care of it? Gah, people are dumb.
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