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Originally Posted by DennyS View Post
Colorado has very low humidity even in winter snows. First to calm him down, cover his cahe so no daylight can enter and leave him covered for a week. I would also place a bowl in his enclosure with a very wet wash rag or something simular. You must keep the rag wet at all times. Do not feed during that week of being covered!! After the week, uncover him after dark and offer food the next evening. keep the rag in there 24/7 and watch for the next shed. Once you see his eyes turn grayish/blue spray him a few times a day to increase his humidity... really soak him!
Well I've got him in the bath solution again tonight.

His belly looks, and pardon my language, ****ed up. The last 1/4 is just this thick piece of skin that is peeling off but it looks very raw below it as if the new skin is having trouble generating.

I am just going to keep up with these baths and if he is still bad in Monday he is going to the vet.
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