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check out Roy's 'Tattoos' social group.. you should post a pic(s)there!

..that would be cool, Snuffles!.. tats do sting a bit.. depending on where you get one.. I only have the one on my shoulder, I got last year.. had it touched up just before the pic in the social group (you can barely make out the spots.. they've all faded/blended in now).. when someone asks me if it hurt, I just say it was about like standing on a tack for a couple of hours.. it hurts, but you kinda get used to it.. helps to chit-chat during the process... otherwise, it would get boring and you'd have nothing to think about but, 'damn.. this kinda ****s..'... lol... I really enjoyed getting mine.. thinking about getting something on the front of my other shoulder.. or forearm.. not quite sure yet.. I like the black work/tribal stuff.. doubt I'll mix styles..

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