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My babies <3

The one you can see really well is my little Houdini. The other one is Aden/Persephone. Houdini used to be smaller than Aden/Persephone! Now it's like, twice that size!! D=

And my mom decided she wanted to feed Houdini because she was scared it would eat my other snake -.-' So she fed it in the tank -.-' Now Houdini is still in feed-mode and he's being very territorial and pissy. I'm kinda scared of him =/

But Aden/Persephone is being a little sweetheart, if not really scared o.o I was playing with it earlier and it was starting to get a bit more comfortable and started climbing up my arm, then it slipped and coiled right back up =/ Oh well, gotta practice I guess

I'll take pictures of Aden/Persephone being held later on when I get someone to act as camera-person for me =/
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