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I got glasses in the 7th grade and only because my teacher called and told my parents that I was squinting in class o.o I didn't want glasses. Thought I'd look like even more of a nerd =/ ((I thought I was the biggest nerd in the world already because I had braces and I was so shy, so no one would talk to me because they mistook my shyness as I didn't like them))

Then I got them and I'd sneak them on every now and then so no one could see me in them ((I sat at the back of the class, so it was all good.))

Then my teacher caught me putting them on and she goes "You finally got glasses?! Let me see! Someone turn on the light!" That was followed with a chorus of "You look so cute!!" and "Oh my God, they look soooo good on you!!" =/ So I guess I just started wearing them all the time after that.

I'm so used to wearing them now, though, that sometimes I forget they're there. I have to take them off if I'm reading or playing my DS though because I'm near-sighted and I can't see more than five inches away from my face, but if I play or read with them on, it gives me a headache. So if you walk in on me reading, my nose will literally be in the book.

The other night at my boyfriend's, I took them off to play my game and then I put them back on and kept looking for them afterward. He took them off my head and gave me that look like "You serious?!" Lol, I was a bit embarrassed.
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