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ok snuffles... you've been very brave with your pics and nerd confessions.. so.. not to be outdone.. here goes..

I quit school 2 months before graduation (passing... my only required class was English IV.. all other credits covered).. because I had skipped too many days.. couldn't pass.. was hanging out with the 'cool crowd'.. :roll:... anyway.. when I went back to school the next year, I had braces... and started wearing glasses again.... AND... :oops: it was the 80's... it was 'cool' for guys to get perms.. and wear Members Only jackets... LOL!... I was always a 'baby-face'.. never looked my age.. I looked like friggin' Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles!.. with some pimpin' frameless, pink tinted glasses... :lol: :lol:

..I hope I have a picture somewhere... never did get a yearbook that year..
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