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This is me and my boyfriend.... Isn't he cute

I started my snake obsession this year.
My boyfriend owns a pest control service and one day he came home with a Texas Rat Snake stuck to a glue board.
Everyone at the office wanted to cut its head off!!
I have always been deathly afraid of snakes but I felt SOO bad for the little guy so I had to save him.
I took some baby oil and worked with the snake to get it unstuck.
He was so thankful to be alive. I feed him and kept him for a few days until I felt like he was recovered then realesed him in the local woods.

Since then I have resuced and released 3 more rats and 1 little garter snake.
NowI am totally obsessed and facinated with the little guys and can't wait to add to my collection.

Christy and Izzie (ball python)
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