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Originally Posted by tmmpin View Post
Jess, how many pierceings you got? Oh, and sorry about your eye brows, there not all there cracked up to be! LOL
Lol thanks <.< Yeah I look wierd with them anyway. Lets see, my ears were gauged but i took them out so now their just normal sized pericings, i have my septum pierced, my nostril, and I took out my eyebrow, that black and white headshot is something i did myself in 2007, I laid under my tripod with a camera remote in my hand =]
If you went to my Flick, i actually started using that for random pictures just to store stuff there, i was going to switch and put my modeling stuff on Photobucket, I have a ton more photos including, implied nudes with a guitar and amp, etc... ;]
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