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They are Federally Protected species and there is a FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLAR FINE if you touch one and get caught! They are massive snakes, a full grown Eastern will be 7-9 ft! A friend of mine had a pair he was holding for PA Fish and Wildlife for an upcoming trial... He let me hold the male... OMG!! Would love to have them... so awesome! They are egg layers and extremely nest protective! They eat LARGE rodents, rabbits, squirrels... you get the idea! Don't touch one IF you see one in the wild... nasty bite and they hold on!
Rev. Dr. Dennis H. Shipp, Breeder for over 20 years, herping for almost 54 years. Previously bred Boa Constrictors, Pythons, Bull Snakes, Kenyan Sand Boas, Piebald Black Pine snakes,Western Hognose.

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