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Originally Posted by Thom
Yeah Doug you need to try the card reader. They work off USB so you can use it on any pc and if I remember right you can get them for less then 20 bucks at wallyorld <Wal> lol
Just make sure it will read the size you use
well.. I tried what raptor said.. 'cept my photoprinter requires more RAM than this stupid computer has.. also tried the cable/windows explorer thing.. no luck.. BUT.. 8) I DID go buy a card reader.. heh.. of course, I had to go to the manufacturer's website and download a driver.. which was zipped.. and of course, I had no zip file software.. tried 'winzip'.. didn't work.. then tried 'bitzipper'.. TA-DAAA! <whew>.. between deciphering error messages and calling this computer everything I could think of, I need to restock my verbal arsenal.. I used up every bad word I know.. :roll: and some I didn't know I knew.. :oops: ...after a little break I'll see about posting some new pics.. now I can even view my mpegs on here! (big deal, right? hey, this 'puter is to a Ferrari as a bottle rocket is to the space shuttle.. wait.. WORSE! (wasn't considering the shuttle's track record)).. anyway, gonna take my brain out of hyperdrive for a few... thanks, Thom, for the card reader tip.. and Raptor (the reader in the printer would have worked had I more memory, plus, you told me how to use Photobucket).. you guys are a big help..
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