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I'll go first.
I first got into snakes when I was a little brat running around through the woods. Catching any snake I could, including the venomous ones :shock:
I got my first pet reptile when I was 18, a bearded dragon. Since then I have had frogs and iguanas as well. Now I am strictly snakes with having 5 right now and hoping to keep my collection growing.
This picture is of me down at the Ripleys Believe it or not aquarium in Gatlinburg, Tenn. Behind me is a large spider crab, thing was huge!!!

I doubt any of you have any dorkier pictures then I got on here, so don't be shy.
Ball Pythons, Red Tail Boas, Green Tree Pythons, Dumeril Boas, Corns, Rainbow Boas, Pine Snake, Geckos.
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