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I will feed live. Not a preference, but I need large prey items for my snake. It's not easy finding rabbits and chickens. I've done mostly frozen/thawed, but a large rat is about $10 and I would have to feed Saffron about three to make a meal. I'm getting ducks and chickens from an Asian supermarket. They come plucked and dressed (no inerds) with the heads on. Saffron scarfs them right down, but she needs the visceral tissue for proper nutrition. I gave her live chicken a few months ago, no prob. I don't like for the animals to suffer, either.. but predation is a fact of life. I don't like the thought of putting animals in a pillowcase and whacking them against a hard surface either. That's how many people prekill the prey. It seems cruel, but it's God's design for these animals to kill prey. By keeping animals in enclosures, we take away the 'fair play' when it comes to hunting. Our prey animals really don't have a chance to get away. That's the part I don't like, but I have yet to meet a vegetarian snake, so we have to make concessions as predator owners. I will buy from when I can afford to. You have to order in bulk to fill a shipping container. That means freezer space. Unlike Denny, I only have one snake. I would have to fill half the freezer with dead rodents. Where I live, that's not an option. For the record, I prefer/recommend frozen thawed feeding.
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