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PLEASE only use the mineral oil like Denny said post shed. you will not have any problem with the mineral oil at that point as long as she going to shed it off. Please do not put mineral oil on her otherwise. here is what will happen to Lucy. if you put mineral oil on and she's not going to shed, the mineral oil just sits on her, will not let there skin breath and it's always moist so within a weeks time you will start to notice her scales coming off. and what a mess that is, mineral oil is very hard to wash back off your snake. Please i've seen this a few times with people using mineral oil to treat mites. the good thing is the next time the snake shed all scales come back. But really don't use mineral oil just to make her look shiny, i don't know how you have her tank set up but if your having problems with humidity, when i had a snake housed in an aquarium, i used aspen mulch in the cage which holds humidity very well, and i had the entire screen top covered with tin foil the only spot that wasn't covered with tin foil was were the heat sat, this will keep the humidity from escaping out from the top of the cage. hope this helps
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