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I have always had a passion about reptiles, actually i'm pretty animal crazy. I had the pleasure of having parents that supported my interest in reptiles. they allowed me to own a boa constrictor when I was 12 years old, that a neighbor was getting rid of, this was my first snake and a big boy, I learned so much caring for Juan I had that snake for 20 years, since than I have never been without a reptile, even though my passion is snakes, I do own a bearded dragon that is elderly now she is almost 10 years old. all of my snakes are just pets none of them have ever reproduced. every snake has there own personality, they are all very friendly, but some really seem to enjoy being held were I have a couple that are just fine with not being held. i'm fortunate my snakes are good eaters, as you own snakes they will eventually go off feed, if kept properly this usually will happen when they reach sexual maturity. I have never had a sick reptile, however I purchased a dwarf super tiger retic that came to me with mites, my very first and hopefully the last time I have ever had to deal with mites. I always quarantine a new snake so it actually wasn't too bad treating him. however I was not happy with the breeder, but that's another story. all my reptiles have there own cage and I use ceramic heating element to heat there cage this is plugged into a thermastate I cannot stress this enough you should own some kind of thermastate. I own helix brand, but any reliable theramstate will work just fine. I will post a pic of one of my cages to give you an idea to proper set up.

jungle carpet python[jewel]
super dwarf retic[shelah]
spotted python[Lew]
male normal ball python[Jiggs]
female pastel ball python[chloe]
Diamondback water snake[Jayda]
sand boa[spooky]
western hognose[Java]
bearded dragon[Be Be]
super tiger dwarf retic[Zander]
albino Ball Python [Jasmine] AKA, Jazzy
western hognose[Josie]
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