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welcome!... real difference.. a corn snake is just a Red Rat snake.. but a Black Rat snake wouldn't be considered a 'Corn snake'.. the name just refers to the color/markings.. maybe your snake just needs to adjust.. the strike/constrict instinct is a feeding response.. good sign.. it just may be a little too stressed to consume prey.. snakes can be that way.. do you know when it last ate?.. they don't have to eat as often as many people think.. they can actually go weeks, even months, without eating.. are you providing the proper requirements? (proper temperatures, humidity, hiding places, day/night cycles, etc.).. can you post pics of the snake and enclosure?.. I wouldn't advise keeping snakes together.. they are pretty much loner animals.. except at breeding time.. if you do house them together, I would be sure to know the sexes and keep males seperate.. I would also feed them in seperate/divided quarters.. they can smell prey, get confused, and end up eating the other snake.. hope this helps.. I'm a Burm owner myself, but there are many Corn snake owners here who can help you even more..

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