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Oh hey, that's where i'm from I'm east bay. There are gopher snakes native to here, but I still don't think you should use snakes to fix the problem. I don't think a gopher snake would be at all big enough to harm cats, but I don't think they would survive. Correct me if I'm wrong snuffles, but I would think that captive bred snakes (which is what most gophers are) would die if released.
I'm sure there are more efficient ways to control the gophers anyway. Just Googling around for two minutes I found that sticking the hose in a hole and turning it on for at least 15 minutes seems to be popular. Even one interesting, but unproven, idea said to pop a stick of gum in the hole. Apparently the gopher will choke, or it can't digest it. I can't remember which. My dad had gopher problems before we got a dog (which cleared them right out lol). He ended up burying some things in the ground that let off a pule every few seconds that scared them away.
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