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Question handling my 3 year old sand boa

i have had my snake for two years but seven months ago it was winter and he refused to eat. so i guessed that it was hibernating and so when the winter ended and he started moving around as usually i couldnt feed him because i couldnt find any mice -btw i live in egypt and although i used t have a steady supplier for a period of 5 to 6 years- and i finally found some mice after a long search in pet stores and after trying other stuff like lizards and frogs. anyways he ate his last mouse a week ago. and i didnt handle him for 7 months in fear that i might make him nervous and sick due to that lack of food so know that i want to hold hmi again should i just go and slide my hand under him and handle it or is there is a way to do it without him being nervous and scared.
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