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Default My 2 snakes: To be continued with the rest of them soon.

This is my Ghost corn and some of his 10 gallon cage:
F:\Picture Card\DCIM\101KZ700\101_1543.JPG

This is my Ball python about 5 months old or so. Only had her for about 2 1/2 months though. You can see her on the way left:
F:\Picture Card\DCIM\101KZ700\101_1549.JPG

This is my Ghost corns cage again:
F:\Picture Card\DCIM\101KZ700\101_1551.JPG

This is him hiding in his rock shelter. The undertank heater is right under him so its nice and warm:
F:\Picture Card\DCIM\101KZ700\101_1555.JPG

This is my ball python again, her name is Penelope.
F:\Picture Card\DCIM\101KZ700\101_1556.JPG

This is a better body shot I just fed her earlier and dont want to risk taking her out yet.
F:\Picture Card\DCIM\101KZ700\101_1557.JPG

Finnaly i was able to get a bit of a head shot. Of my BP.
F:\Picture Card\DCIM\101KZ700\101_1561.JPG

Im not sure if these will come with the link or if you will have to copy and paste if not working tell me and i will try to fix it up.
Real name is Jordan

-1 Ball Python
-2 corn snakes ones my brothers
-2 guineas
-1 rabbit (sister)
-1 Blood Python (brother)
-2 leopard geckos
-1 dog
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