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Default Thanks for the info

Thanks for the responce. To me it makes so much more sense to be able to just buy the snakes food when I'm at the grocery store rather than running all over trying to find decent food for her. the rats at the pet store are skinny, all bones and tail for $5 and then trying to find a decent farmer on Craig's list is a real challenge - like Deliverance, lol. I'm sure she got the mites from the baby rabbits and they were $5 as well so I'm certainly going to save money and be able to provide healthier food for her if I can give her chicken parts and fish. Besides the fact that I, being an animal lover, did not enjoy having to kill things myself. Moreover, I was not good at it. You gave me a great idea, I'm thinking half of a Cornish game hen would be perfect and cost about a dollar and a half. So no problems with any kind of bones, etc?
Thanks so much, Steph
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