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Originally Posted by WiccanWolf88 View Post
I know some people have mentioned to not feed their snake when they are in blue, but Lucy seems to have no issue with it.

I've heard about the same. I atleast offer food during shed, if they take it they take it if not its fine. Atleast I am giving them the chance to eat. But they rarely ever refuse a meal.

Try to feed him tomorrow and see if this gets you anywhere. Your stress might be reflecting off of him.

If he doesnt eat wait a couple days. You don't want to be over doing the attempts to feed and further stress the boa.
Originally Posted by Haggardphunk View Post
He is visibly skinnier.

After his shed-ease solution bath last night all of his skin is off. I put a small rat (usually eats large ones) in his tank and covered it in a blanket so that it is dark even if my roommate comes home.

Hoping to wake up, uncover the tank, and have no rat in there.
You could try putting the boa in a rubber maid container thats smaller then its enclosure but still not uncomfortable(With air holes ofcourse). When my carpet wasnt a strong feeder id leave her over night in a deli cup/ small container with the mouse/rat and it was usually gone the next morning.

Edit- the bold wasn't directed at Wiccan, just going off the post.
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