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it's true all my snakes have there own personalities and they definatly recognize me as there care giver.
my jungle carpet python hates to potty in her cage she will hold it and when she wants out of her cage she actually bangs [gently] her head on her glass door. as soon as I open her door she climbs on me and I bring her to the room I let her crawl around and I hold her tail over newspaper and she'll go potty.
jungle carpet python[jewel]
super dwarf retic[shelah]
spotted python[Lew]
male normal ball python[Jiggs]
female pastel ball python[chloe]
Diamondback water snake[Jayda]
sand boa[spooky]
western hognose[Java]
bearded dragon[Be Be]
super tiger dwarf retic[Zander]
albino Ball Python [Jasmine] AKA, Jazzy
western hognose[Josie]
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