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I can't read that D: But I hope it was in Australia ... We have enough problems over here Did you hear that they've banned four large species of snakes from traveling across state lines here? Burmese pythons, north and south African rock pythons, and yellow anacondas. They haven't banned you from KEEPING the snakes. But if you need to move out of state or if you wanted to move INTO the states and you have one of these snakes, you gotta rehome it to someone in your current state or kill it first. You can't take it with you. So a lot of people with beloved pets are stuck now. Military members, who fight for the freedom to KEEP these snakes, now cannot have their own pets if they're moved to a different base in a different state. So far, it's only the four species, but they've promised that boa constrictors and other such species are next. They're even going to try to get ball pythons banned because "ball pythons can burrow to escape extreme conditions they cannot tolerate." WTF?! Are you SERIOUS!?
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