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ei guys, hope ya'll dont mind me showin the splendid and fantabulous entity which is me... haha, kidding..... funny, ive been readin a few posts and wut caught my attention is the one about the mystified look of a "snake person," and because no1s ever old me i dont look like a snake person, ill go and ask people instead, part of the dialogue wud be

...*waves frantically*
hi, how's ur day. do i look like a snake person??...
*raising both eyebrows in a disturbing manner*

oh well, i hope i get a few inputs on how they wud percieve a snake person's appearance.. hehe...

so, here i am!

a recent photo taken for this thread, i took of the advantage of the malignant vanity of the moment.

this is my 5 yr old baby sis Yzza, flip sisters alike, altho she calls me "mommy." hehe and oh, shes pretty nifty for a toddler, everytime sum1 wud tell her shes clever she'd go like "i know ryt?... my brain's 10 yrs old." (wut shes tryin to say is that her brain functions resemble that of a 10 yr old's, hahahaha)
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