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Lol, I actually had a dream about drugs last night o.o There was this club and me and my boyfriend went to it, not knowing it was run by a cult and the requirements to get in were that you had to shoot up some of their homemade drug things that make you pretty much their slaves. It also gave you some thing which was called "heart sickness" and it made your pupils in the shapes of hearts after you've been on it a while, which I will admit is pretty cool. Heart shaped pupils xDD

Anyways, my boyfriend shot it up and was like "Whoop!" and I went to the bathroom to act like I was shooting it and then emptied the syringe in the sink and threw it away. Then the owners of the club found out I hadn't taken it and were trying to make me, so I ran into my car ((Which was weird since we arrived in his and now we're in mine O.o)) and locked the doors. Then after they all left, I went looking for my boyfriend, but he didn't wanna leave cause he'd taken their drugs and was now their slave, so I had to force him in the car and it was like trying to force a stubborn five-year old to eat his broccoli o.o

I have weird dreams =/
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