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ashgray, welcome

None of the snakes we have here are dangerous. I don't think any of our snakes are even mean. None of us are bitten by our pets often, and if we are, it's usually our fault.

I used to have a phobia of snakes also, and I believe the best way to get rid of your fear, is to face it. That's how I got over mine. I love telling the story of how I got interested in snakes :P Lol. It was a baby albino burmese python that did it for me. The guy thrust her into my arms and I fell in love o.o It was just that simple for me. My mom also got over her fear by handling my snakes. She loves to show them off to company now and can't get enough of Whiskey, my little red tail boa

Why are you afraid of green snakes? MOST green snakes are generally very tame, depending on where you live .... In the US, most are fair, at least xD Once you start getting to places like Asia and Europe and stuff, you have to start watching out.
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