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Default New baby Albino Corn Snake

I couldn't wait to share!

I was a ****er and fell for a beauty!

This baby is an albino corn snake with bright red bands. I promise to post pictures in a few weeks. I want to get her setlled down and all before attempting pictures. Right now he/she just wants to excape.

But if you know what albino corns look like then put some very nice red bands throughout the body. Wow!
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I am jealous! I originally wanted a blizzard morph but fell in love with my boys when I could not find one. My boyfriend keeps teasing me about wanting more snakes. I can't help it... they are addicting :P
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AWWW DBG! Sounds like a cutie!
Lucy (Columbian red-tailed boa)
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LOL Darran xD You ****er!! :P Quite different from Storm, isn't it?
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Very different character, Angelle, You probably saw the vid on FB. But I'm posting it here as the quickest to get this one out to folks to see. It's a short 25 second vid.

My neighbor has a corn as you know, is an Albino Snow corn, named Maxmus. Now if this one is female, you can guess what we'll try to do
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Since I rescued this one from PetSmart (see I am a ****er! LOL) I don't know the genetics behind this one. I have pinned down to either Hypomalanistic or Reverse Okeetee. I'll need to get a better resolution and compare these morphes with what I have.
I am comparing at and those are the only two listed that look very close.
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