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Default Reptile Care notes-101

I have been reading up on some care sheets and I have come to the decision that they all (or at least most) lack something that folks new to reptiles must know. To our experienced reptile owners, please add other items that are also important in your mind as well.
WATER BOWLS: All care sheets point out that "fresh clean water must be available at all times". Yes that IS correct, but what defines "fresh and clean"? Lets look at fresh... I do my cleaning on Saturdays and I have an extra 2 water bowls for each cage in use. I fill each water bowl and every day I look to see if it hasn't been flipped over. Every second day I rub my finger along the bottom to see if it is slippery (white slime). If it is I replace it. White slime is in fact an algae that grows in normal house water. Snakes and other reptiles can smell it and will not touch the water. I also replace any water the snake has soaked in or defecated in (naturally).
Substrate: Which ever substrate you use, it must be kept clean... don't just LOOK...SNIFF too!! Carefully I might add.... I lay my hand on top of my snake and I stick my head almost in the enclosure to smell what I cannot see. A clean environment will help you reptile to be healthy.
Rev. Dr. Dennis H. Shipp, Breeder for over 20 years, herping for almost 54 years. Previously bred Boa Constrictors, Pythons, Bull Snakes, Kenyan Sand Boas, Piebald Black Pine snakes,Western Hognose.
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