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Don't worry Izzie, you'll find him sooner or later. You should maybe check your heat ducts; it's too warm here in NY to have heat on, but I know with ours if Lucy got away, she would probably curl into one. Also, I don't know what type of book shelves you have, but some of mine have a little space on the bottom by the floor. This would be a good spot, too.
Good luck!
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Unhappy I hope this helps

Izzy, He may have been in the couch but moved overnight. I would look in all the closets (floors and bars), under the sink-wrapped around a hot water pipe, kitchen sink/pipes, check the couch daily, he will be on the move nightly searching for food. I would get a large mouse and put into a glass aquarium in the middle of the floor with out a lid. You may find Izzy in the aquarium with a lump the next morning!
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Thanks guys. I appreciate the suggestions. The creative 'juices' started flowing again today and I've found a bunch of new places to look. So far, no luck... but I did find a huge hole in the wall - behind a drawer in the kitchen. For some reason, this freaking hole has given me at least some glimmer of hope. It's on the outer most wall of the apartment building and receives quite a bit of sun in the afternoon. I'm sure it's one of the warmest places in the house, not to mention how dark and padded it is from the insulation. I never knew this hole existed until today, and I can swear on my life that the cabinet that leads to it was open the night he went M.I.A.. I even remember going back into the kitchen to make sure all cabinets were closed before I went to bed that night (and this one was still open from our party).

Anyway, I've been posting daily photos of him on my facebook account 'in memory of...'. Maybe some day soon, I can post something like 'welcome home', or 'look who's grounded', maybe even a 'look who's officially #1 on my shit-list'... Until then, it will be nothing but photos of past moments of the best snake that ever existed.

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