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Default New Girl

I got me a new baby :] As some of you on Facebook might have seen. But I was taking pictures of her and her sister all day yesterday lol ... The sister is going to my friend Angela. I would love to keep them both, but I can't :[

It's looking like her name will probably be Daiquiri though :]

And this is her sister:

She's 49.5 inches long and a pretty good weight. She's about 2-3 years old and she's really sweet. The guy was just giving them away ... The guy I've been seeing got her for me ... He got a female boa from the guy and the guy offered him these two, but he was like "No, I'm not into ball pythons ..." So I was like "I WANT THEM!" and my friend was all "I WANT ONE TOO!" so he went and got them for us lol :P But anyways, discuss. Love them like I love them.
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