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Default Boyfriend gotta stop lmao

So he got me yet another new baby!! LMAO! I'm just gonna stop mentioning that I want anything around him lol, cause if I say I want it, he finds a way to get it for me -.-' He's also supposed to be getting me a snow corn snake when his friends' eggs hatch ... Yeesh ... I don't have room for all this lol!! Keep telling him that I don't need him to get me stuff to impress me :/ ... But in the meantime, I'm definitely enjoying these new girls he got me!

This new baby is the most PERFECT little carpet python <3 She's an Irian Jaya/Coastal hybrid. I'm absolutely IN LOVE!!! <3 I think I'm naming her Mimosa, Mimi for short. She's beautiful. I'll post pictures tomorrow <3 I can't post her on Facebook cause she's a secret, but I had to tell someone!! :P
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