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Old 04-28-2011, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Sandy3154 View Post
My snake has stopped eating. His behavior is normal and he still looks healthy, etc. I think he is stressed because I bought him a larger tank and he has only eaten once since then. I am thinking of putting him back in his old tank to see if he'll eat. Maybe it was too much of a change all at once?? I'm getting really worried...
As you may have noticed on my new enclosure post, I too had to move my snakes because they were getting too big. I have two snakes, Serge & Ruby (3 actually, Bill is in their old viv). Serge will keep eating as long as you keep throwing rats at him, but Ruby is sensitive. It took a month before she would eat a rat in the new viv, and a month before the move is two months in total. I don't worry about my snakes until they haven't eaten for at least six to eight months.
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