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Default How to lure a missing corn snake in?

Okay I thought I might fire this out here...

My neighbor had lost her corn snake. She was small and young, about 16 inches perhaps? Eating pinkies (mice).

she has gone over a week without coming out. So wondering if anyone knows how to lure one out? It's any possible options but it might not happen if she's still alive. I don't know.

Any suggestions?
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one method you could try is to get a 2 litre pop bottle and cut the top ( domed ) section off and put it back on the bottle upside down. Tape it all on place and put 2 pinkies in the bottom of the bottle. Leave it over night and hopefully if it's still around the snake will be attracted in and not leave. You can increase the chances of this happening by darkening the bottom of the bottle to make the snake feel more secure.
Hope this helps.
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Brilliant. Thats one tip i will write down and keep for the future. Good luck DBG keep us posted on developments.
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Well first of all, where do you live? Just wondering how the climate is where you are. If it's really cold outside then you have a chance that she would try to stay in the house. Have you searched under warm appliances? The fridge, washing machine, dish washer, etc. Even in a pile of warm laundry. When it comes to finding lost snakes it pretty much comes down to persistence. It's not unheard of for snakes to be lost for months before being found again, so don't give up! Search everywhere you can think of daily if there is time.
Good luck finding her, I hope it works out.
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I will share this idea with them. I do know they tried the 2 liter bottle but I don't know exactly what they did. It's been almost 2 wks now since she went missing. She was stored in the kitchen so it's posible to stay warm around the dishwasher, fridge and stove but I don't know how many traps they have out. I'll share this with her.

it's cold outside, snowed today so I am sure the snake is inside or dead somewhere.

Thanks for the insight!
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