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Thumbs up And the Snake is a..........

Her name is Storm!

Now I have that puzzle taken care of! Woot!

She did dandy going into the vet, riding in my lap, well comfortably on my hand and arm.

I asked the vet to show me the spurs and boy very small! But he probed and definately a girl.

She did well coming home and going to the pet store with me as I had to get a new bulb.

Vet said she looked good given her age and weight. So must be doing everything right!

I'll get a photo soon!
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That's awesome!!! Congratulations xD It's a girl!!!
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Thanks Snuffles...I'm excited! So is my son.

She rode in the van and just was very comfortable with me even though we had some bumps along the way (construction in the area) but she was content with me. That was part of why I held her through the whole trip. I didn't want to stress her out and "logic" tells me to comfort my baby.

I swun by the pet store (a mom and pop store not a chain) to pick up a new bulb and we know the workers by names and they commented on her. Don said "now you need a male" LOL. Oh I wish...

My wife first agreed before we married we could get one. But after marriage it was out of the question until I bought Princess last year agasint her will (hehehe). Now she wants to invest in a nice cage, not just some terranium but a cabinent built. She was impressed with the one that was handbuild for the mother of my snake where I bought her last spring. We spoke with the owner and saw the mother so we knew she was well taken care of and my wife was fascinated on this enclosure and asked questions. The owners boyfriend built it himself for their red-tail.
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