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Default milks and kings

Sooooooo....decided that as my girlies have had a good few feeds now after winter cool down , it was time to pair some guys up.

I have paired my Knoblochi Mountain kings, and my Variable kings..nobody has eaten anybody else yet, so its all good.

Paired my Honduran milks, and now just have to see what else i can get together.

Anybody pairing things up???
2.2 Royal Pythons
2.1 Honduran Milks
0.2 Albino Hondurans
1.1 PuebxRuthven Milks
1.1 Knoblochi Kings
2.1 Rosie Boas
1.1 Childrens Pythons
1.1 Greybanded Kings
1.0 Hypo BCI 0.1 Carpet Python(harrisoni)
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