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Default Anticipating Boa behaviour

I recently took an adult female red-tail boa (2+ years old) off a guys hands. When i took delivery of her he handled her by grabbing her behind the neck and putting her into a pillow case. I have never handled my snakes this way and was a bit irritated. When she got home i gently took her out and put her in her new tank. She never showed any aggression but appeared quite highly strung. Now whenever i go to change her water etc or pick up her temperature guage which she knocks off nightly she gets very interested and immediately comes to my hand and follows my every movement by rapidly moving her head. I have tested her a few times by not moving my arm and "offering" it to her seeing what she does. She comes up to it and appears to taste my skin with her tongue. No attempts to bite or hissing YET. I have let her settle and now want to take her out for further handling and wonder what to make of her great interest in my movements and arm. Neither of my other boas do this and normally do not budge until i physically lift them. I know no-one has a crystal ball but should i anticipate aggression?
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