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Unhappy Red Blood becoming aggressive

Hey everyone...
I have a Red Blood Python that used to be the sweetest thing. He has always calm and docile until the past couple of months. This little guy is huge now and he knows it. It seems like ever since we switched to large rats, he thinks he rules the world. He's pretty much out grown every hide we can throw his way so I've been letting him roam the second bedroom at night. This was working well until he broke out last night. He literally ransacked the living room breaking nearly everything in site. The TV was 1 inch from falling off the shelf. Books, glass bowls and expensive/exotic sea shells all over the place. When I finally found him... he struck at me. This is his first EVER strike at something human but I feel it's a sign of whats to come. I can't even pick him up to put him in the tank. He's turned into a monster... Please tell me this has happened to others and that there is a happily ever after.

I am this close to getting him euthanized only because I know he will never have a home better then what he's got now. He gets treated like a king around here and his health is remarkable (along with his brother - Izzie). I have mastered the art of snake raising... He's just out of control these days :-/ HELP!

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