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Default Hunger strike is over

My royal python has finally eaten's only been 20 months

I am so happy.
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Wow she sure was on a hunger strike, i'm glad she finally ate for you. in my 20 years of owning snakes, my ball pythons at most have gone 7 months without eating, so i will not look forward to the day if one of them decides to go much longer. this is why I say ball pythons are not good beginner snakes.
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oh good for you raptor! When I first got Lucy, the one who gave her to me told me to only feed her after she pooped...well after I don't know HOW many months, I just decided to feed her. I felt so I was starving her! And I've had her on a schedule ever since. She's also on a schedule for pooping as well.
I haven't had it with her where she hasn't eaten yet, though.
Lucy (Columbian red-tailed boa)
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Raptor... where you been hiding?? I decided to stay!
Rev. Dr. Dennis H. Shipp, Breeder for over 20 years, herping for almost 54 years. Previously bred Boa Constrictors, Pythons, Bull Snakes, Kenyan Sand Boas, Piebald Black Pine snakes,Western Hognose.
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