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Default Injured reptiles need our help

I got this email from the Department of Environment.

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Opportunity to adopt wildlife in need of a new home
The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection has started a trial with the RSPCA that provides members of the public with the opportunity to re-home native Australian wildlife, as well the more traditional domestic pets.

As the holder of a recreational wildlife licence you are eligible to take part in this trial.
Both native birds and reptiles are covered under the trial partnership when they are deemed to be ‘non- releasable’ into the wild. There are a number of reasons why an animal would be classified as ‘non-releasable' such as:
• the area they came from is unknown
• they were born in captivity
• they are unable to survive in the wild.
In the past, these animals have been offered to zoos and wildlife parks for educational activities. However, as these animals are common, and many are already found in captivity, they often were not placed and were required to be euthanized.

Under the South East Queensland Recreational Wildlife Re-homing Pilot Program the department will release the animals to the custody of the RSPCA so they can be re-homed with appropriately licenced members of the public.

To find out about the species of wildlife available for adoption and the costs involved please call the RSPCA directly on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625), or the Wacol Shelter on telephone (07) 3426 9999.

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This email was sent by Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, GPO Box 2454, Brisbane QLD 4001, Australia
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