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Default Lost Izzie

Does anybody want to share some lost and found snake stories with me?? I've had Izzie for ~4 years or so, and I've never lost him like this before. I had a party last night with about 8 ppl over. He was last seen headed toward the couch. I stayed up ~ 3 hours looking for him and gave up when I decided that he must be in the framing of the couch. Woke up today, ripped the bottom liner off and to my surprise... He wasn't in there. I've spent the morning searching the house anywhere/anything that he could get into and still no luck. This isn't the first time he's ever 'run off', but I can usually find him within about 20 minutes of creative searching. However, my creative juices have run dry and I am beginning to give up hope at this point. I've checked his 'hot spots' and even places that I've always thought that he would eventually find/hide in. Nothing. I've called my friends and had them check their bags - still nothing. I know that nobody would take him from me, these ppl don't even like snakes enough to hold them, yet alone take them from me on purpose. I'm just worried that maybe he got out of the house some how or accidently snuggled up in someones purse and now he could be lost in someone elses house. (maybe this is just being paranoid, but I have nothing left to go on)
Anyway, any stories that yall could share or even advice that could make me feel better would be muchly appreciated.

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