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Default Bringing home a puppy

Im bringing home a 10 week old puppy next week.

Would I worry about my 6 foot boa trying harder to get out? Stress? Anything in general?

My boa has never gotten out but I have never had a dog in my home. Just wondering if anyone has a snake & dog combo of pets.
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Don't worry, the snake won't try any harder to escape than what it's doing now. Dogs aren't typical snake food, and boas tend to be a lazy bunch anyways. They like easy prey. Dogs are not easy prey.
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I would say not to worry too much...just make sure the tank is on a secure surface so the rambunctious one doesn't knock it over or anything.
I have doggie sat a few times and I will usually bring Lucy out so they can smell her so they don't freak out. One of them will sit outside the door so I keep it closed when she is there. One of them could care less; he's not interested. The third one gave her a lick and Lucy licked her...that was about it. No trying to eat them or anything. lol
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