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Default Not eating

Medusa was on a regular 2 week diet...a small rat. She received a new larger habitat (36x18) and has had irregular eating habits ever since. She was eating a small rat every 2 weeks. Now, she has eaten 2 mice at a feeding twice since March. She has now gone over a month since eating. I am now trying a smaller feeding tank. Help! She has definitely lost weight. I don't know how to help her.
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If it's only been a month without her eating and she's already losing weight, you need to take her to a vet. Now. She probably has some parasite that's taking a really bad toll on her.
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I would offer food 1 x a week, same day and time if possible! Do you pick her up, if you do does she gurgle from the tummy (normal) or no? When did she shed last. I am wondering id there is a retained shed that is constricting her and she cant swallow? Maybe let her soak in a tub (bath or sweater box type) water that is just barely warm to touch. she may not like it but keep her in there and the water at the same temp for 10 minutes at the MINIMUM! also remember that Balls need to have a higher humidity than normal so spray the enclosure twice a day.
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